Aging with Dignity
Delta Center’s Virtual Conference

Delta Center for Independent Living is hosting their 4th Annual Aging with Dignity Conference.  We have decided to keep it a virtual formal this year. Through informative presentations on Aging with Dignity topics, you will increase your knowledge base, learn to serve the aging population, and create a better quality of life for our wonderful older adults!Delta Center for Independent Living is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works with individuals with disabilities to increase personal freedoms and independence for all. Our mission is to partner with people with disabilities and their communities to remove barriers and promote positive changes leading to greater independence.


Aging with Dignity


Lisa Ezeamii (Bio) and Jan Keith (Bio)

Many people are living longer, healthier and more independent lives.  Helping our society acknowledge the reality of what aging looks like today can help end ageism.” Join Lisa Ezeamii and Jan Keith, as we explore how ageism can show up in our lives, and how to deal with it when it does.

Medicare & U

Stacy Haberstroh (Bio)

In this presentation, you will learn the highlights of 2021 Medicare changes as well as the ins and outs of Medicare enrollment.  Hopefully, after listening to this video, you will feel more comfortable guiding your clients with the various Medicare options.

Aging and Sexual Health

Jessica Naslund (Bio)

This presentation addresses some of the changes in body, relationships, and environments that people with disabilities experience as they age.  Participants will also receive tools and information about resources to support individuals in their personal and professional lives while understanding the difference in what those supports may look like.

Aging and Mental Health: The Right to Self Determination vs A Danger to Self or Others

Allison Minks (Bio)

As our clients age, we want to protect their most basic human rights and grant them the freedom to make independent choices.  The difficulty occurs when their choices may harm themselves or others. In this video, you will learn to navigate that grey area.

Aging and LGBTQ Issues

Molly Pearson (Bio)

Learn from Molly Pearson, Special Programs Manager at SAGE of PROMO Fund, about the unique disparities faced by the LGBT community, and how they impact LGBT older adults specifically. This presentation covers things you need to know to provide affirming services to LGBT older adults, best practices, and resources available in the area.