Good Stewards of Taxpayers’ Dollars

Delta Center assures funds benefit individuals with disabilities

The Attorney General’s office recently announced a settlement with Southwest Center for Independent Living (SCIL), a Springfield, Missouri, company that arranges for the provision of in-home personal care services for qualified individuals. The settlement resolves allegations that SCIL failed to ensure that all personal care services billed to Medicaid were actually provided to Medicaid clients.

Recognizing that the need is great and resources are scarce, Delta Center makes every effort to assure that funds are used appropriately to benefit individuals with disabilities and support their independence.

Toward this end, Delta Center partners with state and federal agencies to minimize fraud in accessing services funded by MO HealthNet (Medicaid).

One such service allows individuals with significant physical disabilities, who could otherwise live in nursing homes, to recruit, hire, train and supervise their personal care attendants.  Access to Consumer Directed Services (CDS) is restricted to individuals with a demonstrated ability to direct their care and assure that Medicaid requirements are fulfilled.