Skills Training for Independent Living

Skills Training for Independent Living

Training in skills for independent living is designed to address the needs and requests of each consumer, and might include money management, cooking, community resources, and other areas critical to your independent lifestyle.

For more information about Skills Training for Independent Living, please call our Information and Referral Hotline at 636-926-8761, extension 228 or you may contact us by email at

How We Help:

Mabel contacted me in late May, wanting to learn more about finances and budgeting.  In our first appointment, she shared that she was in a strained relationship.  She said there was no physical or mental abuse involved, but they both had mental and physical health challenges.  He was her payee and she felt he was controlling and secretive about their finances.  In order to gain some independence and to be better prepared if something should happen to him, she wanted to understand more about how her money was being managed so she could manage it herself should she need to.

We agreed to undertake Independent Living Skills Training around budgeting and resource management.  Mabel was an eager and earnest participant in the training, completing all the readings and assignments I gave her. By the time of our last appointment, she had completed an entire monthly budget, spoken with her partner about their finances, and was feeling very confident about knowing where her money came from and where it was going.  She realized she was actually doing a great job of living within her means. She was also able to see that her partner had been fairly and honestly handling his responsibilities as her payee. We brainstormed ideas for her to continue her enrichment.  She wants to learn to use a computer, quit smoking, and find constructive, enriching ways to spend her time.  We talked about her utilizing the Spencer Road Library.  She lives near a community coffee shop that sponsors many in-shop activities, including a weekly women’s group. She has decided to attend the meetings.

We agreed to close her active case, as she has accomplished what she came for, knowing that she can call, anytime, for further resources, or just to chat.  Her appearance and demeanor at our last meeting was significantly different than our first.  It was amazing to see the transformation.

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