Accessible Hobbies: Finding Joy and Fulfillment in Leisure Activities

Accessible Hobbies

Whether you are working, going to school, managing your disability, or handling other responsibilities, you know better than anyone just how much you need your leisure time. Relaxing and recharging are absolutely crucial to living your life the way you want to, and one of the best ways to optimize your leisure time is to engage in hobbies and activities you love. However, for many individuals with disabilities, finding hobbies that you are both interested in and are able to do enjoyably can be difficult and discouraging. This is why we are here to help you discover accessible hobbies to bring you joy. If you are looking for ways to make the most of your leisure time and get the relaxation you need, take a look at this large range of accessible hobbies and how they can enrich your life—

Accessible Sports

One of the most beneficial hobbies anyone can have is engaging in athletic activities. We understand that for many individuals with disabilities, sports may have seemed difficult or near impossible in the past, but in the modern age, there are so many opportunities for you to get involved! Accessible sports are a great way to be active, learn new things, connect with a community, and have fun. Interested in basketball? Football? Fencing? Do you want to compete? Learn? Engage in recreational sports? Regardless, there is an accessible sports league or leisure group waiting for you. If you are interested in learning more about accessible sports in Missouri, take a look at the “Sports Activities for People with Disabilities” tab on our resource page!


With warm weather and sunshine already upon us, gardening is a great go-to hobby. Gardening is a wonderful way to relax, connect with nature, and spend time outdoors. Depending on what plants you choose to cultivate, it can be asAccessible Hobbies intense or as leisurely as you want. Not only can gardening be a peaceful, relaxing hobby, it can also be a fruitful one (pun intended). Planting vegetables, fruits, and herbs can result in you having fresh, home-grown produce in the fall. In other words, gardening is both wonderful in the moment and long-term. As an individual with disabilities, you may be worrying about the physical work that gardening requires and wondering how it could be accessible for you—we are here to help! Check out our recent post on accessible gardening to help you learn to hone your green thumb this summer.


It has been studied over and over again, yielding the same results—making art and tapping into your creativity is a phenomenal way to relax, improve focus, and enjoy your leisure time. Art is one of the most accessible hobbies out there with so many ways to create, whether it be through painting and drawing, knitting and crocheting, making music, or any other way you can think of expressing your creativity. Regardless of what type of art you choose to make, there is always an accessible option if you need it. For example, if you are partial to drawing and painting but are worried about handling the supplies required, adaptive materials such as paintbrushes, scissors, and pencils are a great option. Get creative!

Learning and Intellectual Hobbies

If you are a more studious kind of person and are looking for something to broaden your knowledge or learn in your leisure time, engaging in hobbies like reading, writing, language learning, and watching documentaries are the perfect option for you. These kinds of hobbies are great for fostering community; for example, if you love to read, consider joining a book club and meeting others with your interests. Or even better, start your own! Language learning can of course take place independently, but if you prefer, language classes are a great way to both practice your skills and get to know others in your community. Many adults with disabilities deal with isolation and loneliness, which can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. Engaging in hobbies like this can help you stay connected with your communities, be included, and learn new things every day.

Having a range of hobbies and activities in your life can help you relax, find your passions, and feel a renewed sense of purpose. It is important to take time every day to find peace and take breaks from all that you have going on in your life, whether it be work, managing your disabilities, or any of your other responsibilities. We here at Delta Center are dedicated to helping you live the life you deserve through offering you support, advice, and numerous resources for everything from finding the best care for your needs to getting involved in your local accessible sports teams. If you are looking for information and ways to find out about other accessible activities and tools, many of which can be specific to your disability, take a look at our extensive resources page here.