What training is needed to become a disability advocate?

Portrait of handicapped young man in a wheelchair

Are you passionate about advocating for people with disabilities? Do you want to make tangible change for individuals with disabilities in your community or on the national stage? Becoming a disability advocate is a fantastic way to make that impact—but how do you get started?

What specific training is needed if you’re serious about joining this important cause as a professional advocate?

A college degree is not required

Even without a college degree, becoming an advocate for disabled individuals is attainable and can be incredibly rewarding. Taking the initiative to gain knowledge in specific areas of disability advocacy, such as learning laws that help protect the rights of the disabled, can go a long way.

Additionally, meeting with those knowledgeable about how to best reach out on behalf of the disabled or joining national advocacy organizations can provide helpful insights on moving forward in your advocacy efforts. With some hard work and dedication, anyone who wants to make life better for disabled individuals can learn more and determine their unique course of action toward making a positive impact.

You can become an advocate for yourself and others with help from DCIL

Whether you’re a business owner, partner, friend, or family member of someone with a disability or disabled yourself, you can learn to advocate. DCIL provides skill training and coaching by our trained team of advocates, and our services are always free.

Donate your time to DCIL

Delta Center is always looking for professionals to help those with disabilities and their families in public relations, marketing, and business development. We are a non-profit organization that provides essential services, support, and resources to those with disabilities.

Our experienced volunteers work hard to ensure our mission is fulfilled, and your contributions would make an invaluable difference. Whether it’s volunteering your time or donating monetarily, we’d be thrilled to have you be part of Delta Center’s purpose.

If you are eager to offer your assistance and want to learn more about how Delta Center can benefit from your unique skillset, please get in touch!

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