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The Work Incentive Liaison (WIL) is a Social Security employee especially trained in the work incentive provisions of SSDI and SSI. The WIL acts as a central contact person for work incentive activities throughout the district. The WIL should be known to all outside organizations dealing with the disabled, vocational rehabilitation offices, offices for the visually or hearing impaired, sheltered workshops, rehabilitation facilities, etc, as well as all the Social Security employees in the district. This places the WIL in the ideal position to serve as liaison or “go-between”, to prevent any misunderstandings or misinformation about work incentive provisions. Because the WIL has specialized training in both SSI and SSDI, working with the WIL should help the customer see the impact of work on both benefits. When you have a work incentive problem, do not hesitate to contact your liaison!

You can reach the Region VII WILs through