Board Roster

All members of the board support our programs and services through committee work and financial support. In addition, at least 51% of our board members are people with disabilities, and serve as role models for consumers.

Mitch Berry, President
Austin Bender, Vice President
Chris Howrey, Secretary
Chris O’Neal, Treasurer

Mary Ann Cheng
April May
Lydia Mitchell
Otis Pitts
David Miles
Leigh Joy Carson
Mike Bender


We are looking for people who:

  • Want to work on behalf of people with disabilities
  • Have a disability and successfully function in everyday life
  • Live or work in Lincoln, Warren or St. Charles County

What we ask of our board members:

  • Attend 6 board meetings per year typically held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 5:30-7:30 PM at Delta Center
  • Serve on at least one committee
  • Act as an ambassador for Delta Center in your community
  • Advocate on behalf of individuals with disabilities
  • Share your strategic thinking skills at meetings

Are there any financial obligations? Yes. Board members are asked to “get or give” an annual donation to Delta Center. The amount of the donation is left up to each board member. Board members are expected to pay their own expenses and provide their own transportation to board and committee meetings.

What next? Prospective board members are invited to visit 3 board meetings to see if Delta Center is a good fit for you and your skills. Please contact Delta Center at 636-926-8761 to verify the meeting dates and arrange to attend a meeting.