Delta Center solved my problem

They actually solved a problem that the previous organization I was working with couldn’t. They have really stepped up and helped me out a lot.

Very professional & empathetic

The professional and empathetic way of handling me as their client. It became very important when the Delta Center person came to my house and gave me information. I saw how personable they could be. I didn’t expect that.

I’d be lost without Delta Center

I’d be lost without their services. You all do such a good job. You listen to all my problems and you help me out with anything possible, that I need. If you can’t help me you try and find me resources. That’s why I recommend Delta Center to all my friends and family and strangers even.

Delta Center improved my life

It is making me get up more and get around more. I can get around with the aid a lot more now. It has helped me come out a lot. I was suffering from PTSD and staying in the house more and now I try and get out more. That is what my doctors wanted, that I could get out more often. It has gotten me out that I can live on my own. Somethings I won’t be able to do, like change light bulbs. But having people come in and help me, it has definitely improved my life.

I can fight for myself

Relief. Giving me knowledge that I needed. I know I can fight for myself if I need it.

Independent & employed

It taught me about accommodations and services that were available to me and now that I have those accommodations met, I am able to be independent and gainfully employed.

PAS has made a big change in my life.

PAS has made a big change in my life. It is hard to do things on my own, but PAS makes me feel confident that I can get help. It makes it a lot easier and it makes me want to try to get up and do things myself. It is hard, but it gives me hope.


Delta Center made me realize how many options I had, and how many people were willing to fight to keep me working, living, and thriving.  While I’ve always been a fierce advocate for disability rights, this was a new challenge for me: to see myself as worthy of advocacy and support.


Home Modification: William called in June in need of a ramp. He was given information about the CDBG program in St. Charles. They told him it would take at least a month to complete the process and obtain approval. In the meantime, he located a church that was willing to help out and get the ramp built in one week. He was able to connect the church with the CDBG administrator, and the church built the ramp in a week, agreeing to wait for the CDBG grant to come through to pay for all the materials.


Adaptive Equipment: In June 2018, Margaret broke her pelvis after falling in her home.  She spent several weeks in the hospital and rehab.  To be able to return home, Margaret was going to need several pieces of equipment to ensure she was safe and independent.  Delta Center was able to provide her a commode, wheelchair, walker and shower chair.


Skills Training: Gertrude was hospitalized and needed personal attendant care while she convalesced at home. She did not qualify for Medicaid without paying a $1,000 spend down which she could not afford. At her request, her ILS worked with her to write a letter supporting her application to Cuivre River Electric Community Trust for Operation Round-Up funds.  She was approved for a $1000 grant to pay for short-term attendant care simply be learning how to complete the grant application and tell a compelling story.

Edna G.

A while ago, one of you mailed out a resource where they were giving away free hearing aids to those who qualify. It was a temporary resource, and Missouri was involved. Anyway, Edna got her new hearing aids today and she is so happy about it.  Cost her nothing!