Budgeting and Financial Planning Resources for Adults with Disabilities

Financial Independence: Budgeting and Financial Planning Resources for Adults with Disabilities

Managing finances is one of the most difficult parts of adulthood, but having the right plans and resources can make a world of difference. For adults with disabilities, financial management can include a number of different expenses that can be difficult to manage, and it can become quite overwhelming to do this alone. If you are in this situation, Delta Center is here to help, and provide you with all the resources you need to reach financial independence. To start you on this journey or to help you at any stage, here are four budgeting and financial planning resources to help adults with disabilities reach their financial independence goals—

National Disability Institute: Financial Empowerment

The National Disability Institute (NDI)’s Financial Empowerment program is an accessible, comprehensive set of resources for adults with disabilities to become financially literate, choose the best banking options, understand budgeting, and so much more. The NDI offers a number of financial education programs for all ages and all stages of financial literacy, all designed specifically for individuals with disabilities. For all of your financial wellness needs, the NDI’s Financial Empowerment program is a wonderful collection of resources.

Finance Strategists

The financial education organization Finance Strategists offers an extensive and detailed financial planning program specifically for individuals with disabilities. Their resources include a downloadable financial planning guide, information on disability-specific financial needs, how to build support networks, and recommendations for financial advisors based on your needs. There is a wealth of information to find on their website linked above to help you in your every financial decision.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a government agency that protects consumers in the financial marketplace. As adults with disabilities are very much a valid part of this consumer base, the Bureau offers many resources to empower the disabled community in financial decision making. In their guide, ‘Your Money, Your Goals: Focus on People with Disabilities,’ they offer a thorough overview of the skills needed to be financially independent, and provide step-by-step educational modules to help you reach this goal. The full, comprehensive guide is linked above.

Working With a Financial Advisor

Whether your financial needs are disability-specific or you just need some guidance in creating budgets and managing your finances, working with a financial advisor is always a great option. Finding a financial advisor who is best suited to your needs will help you get closer to your goals of financial independence, and in the meantime, will make sure that all your finances are in order to relieve any stress this may be putting you through. You can easily find financial advisors through a number of ways, including looking online, contacting your local bank, and asking your independence office.

Working towards financial independence and being able to successfully manage your finances can relieve financial stress and help you focus instead on living well. In addition to the resources listed here, there are many more that could help you in managing not only your finances but any aspect of your life that you find you need help with. We here at Delta Center are happy to help, and offer a comprehensive list of resources designed for people with disabilities and your specific needs. For whatever you need guidance on, visit our resources page here to find the best options for you.