Can My Loved One Get Paid to Take Care of Me in Missouri?

If you are in need of care in your home, having a loved one provide that care can be a wonderful way of staying as independentas possible and being close to your family in your own home. If your loved one is serving as your caretaker, you may be wondering, is there any way for them to get paid to take care of me? The answer is—yes, through a program called Consumer Directed Services. CDS is a program that allows elderly and disabled adults to receive care and assistance in their homes with a personal attendant. To help you decide if CDS is the right choice for you and your care-giving loved one, here are some details and benefits that CDS provides.

You Choose Your Attendant

One of the most important benefits of CDS is that you are the one who chooses the person who will care for you. This can be an attendant hired by a CDS counselor who has been trained and screened, or they can, of course, be a loved one. The attendant will be your employee (with an IRS Employee ID Number and all!), and you will direct your own care, giving you all possible agency in the course of your assistance. Your personal attendant will be trained to care for your specific needs. You will have complete control over your at-home care with your personal attendant.

A Wide Variety of Care

CDS covers a very wide range of different care needs, ensuring that anything you need while being cared for in your home will be provided. Whether you need personal care, such as help with bathing or grooming yourself, health care like assistance with medication or mobility, housekeeping, or any other need, CDS will cover it. Before your at-home care begins, you will need to go through an assessment to determine the level of care you need, the results of which will determine which kinds of care you will receive at home. Be sure to advocate for what you need!

Paid for by Medicaid

Another important detail about CDS is that it is paid for in Missouri by MO HealthNet of the Missouri Department of Social Services. Many people who need care end up having to pay out of pocket for expensive nursing home or personal care services, or fear that their loved ones will end up having to pay for it. CDS eliminates this burden and allows for you to receive the care you need in your own home with no fear of these expensive fees. Your attendant will be paid, as they are your employee, by means of this same funding, keeping you and your family free from the burden of expensive care.

Lets You Stay Independent

If being able to stay in your own home with all of your belongings, memories, and comforts is important to you, CDS is a perfect option. Many adults with disabilities fear having to be moved to a care facility and leaving their lives and families behind in their homes. Having at-home care that you control is the best way to keep your independence, your identity, and your peace of mind while receiving the level of care you need to thrive.

Keeping your independence, being the director of your own care, and staying close to your loved ones are the backbone of the Consumer Directed Services program. If this sounds like something you would benefit from, you may be wondering, how can I get started? Delta Center proudly offers help with CDS. We can determine your eligibility, help you find the best attendant for your needs, whether it be someone you know or another trained attendant, guide you through the processes of evaluating your level of care, and much more. We help you take your care into your own hands through CDS. For more information, visit our webpage on Delta Center and CDS.