Transitioning into the community for persons with disabilities


Whether going home from the hospital or an institution or beginning adult life after college, transitioning back into the community can be daunting for persons with disabilities. Our world isn’t designed with disabilities in mind, making navigating life more challenging.

At Delta Center, we can provide you with the coaching and support to maximize your success.

Do your research

Never go in blind. Before transitioning back into the community, make sure that you know not only where you will be going to stay but your finances. Your goal is to be as independent as possible for as long as possible, and doing your research and having a plan will help you achieve that goal.

Still trying to figure out where to start? Delta Center provides research and referral services to help you make informed choices about your care.

Have a support system

Recovery after being in the hospital can be a daunting task.

Moving into your place after college can be filled with stress.

Having a support system in these times is crucial for ensuring that you get the care you need and supporting your independence. Your support system can be friends, family, and even co-workers—anyone who will advocate for you, listen, and help you with needs at home or work.

Know how to advocate for your needs

Understanding your rights as a person with a disability will help you become confident and speak up for yourself and your needs. This self-advocacy could be anything from a safe work environment that accommodates you, being able to rent an apartment and getting the medical care you need.

Delta Center is here to help teach those skills and provide access to local and federal programs like the Endeavor Program.

Our services are always free, and we work hard to ensure that the rights of people are disabilities are advocated for and met. This includes working with local and federal governments to recognize and protect those facing domestic and intimate partner abuse.

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