How Delta Center can help you or a loved one with disability referrals

disability advocacy

When you come to Delta Center, you can rest assured that we strive to provide you with the best and most up-to-date information. Our information and referral services provide you with the information you need to make informed choices about your care or the care of a loved one.

We have an extensive database of resources

At Delta Center, we maintain an extensive database on a wide variety of resources including, but not limited to:

When armed with this information, you can take control of your care and get the help you need when you need it.

We will research a topic upon request.

If there’s a topic that you need information on, we will research that topic for you upon request. After we have found the appropriate information, we will contact you.

We have professional relationships with appropriate agencies

Another way we can help you with referrals is through our professional relationships with relevant agencies. We know the St. Louis area, have years of experience working with different agencies and understand how they work and if they’re a good fit for a client’s needs.

Though we have professional relationships with different agencies, we don’t pay investors or business owners for their services. That way, we can remain free to provide referrals that best fit your needs—not ours.

Delta Center Advocacy services are free to disabled adults and senior citizens. For Information and Referral, please call our Hotline at 636-926-8761, extension 228, or you may contact us by email at [email protected].

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